Re: Oh, hey!

Author:Chris F5
Date:2018-05-11 16:37:16
In Reply To:Re: Oh, hey! by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
This is what they go for on the site
If he paid any more or it's missing the song "Searching" then it is probably a bootleg

Again in which there is nothing in can do about it other than feel that Matt paid way too much for this.
The one I bought is on Vortex Records. The matrix/runout text on the CD is WPTC006 WDC, NY 516.933.5200

Do you still have the doubleneck guitar?!?

Ok This might be an original then (that is a long island number and it was mastered and duplicated there)
Yes I still have that guitar(the 1w string is in dire need of a major set up though)
Also need to changed the 6 string pickups ...for some reason I put a custom custom in the neck and a tone zone in the bridge....would probably swap the custom custom to the bridge and get a 59 for the neck

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