Re: Oh, hey!

Author:Chris F5
Date:2018-05-10 22:58:25
Edited:2018-05-10 23:36:09
In Reply To:Re: Oh, hey! by Claus
Claus proclaimed:
Bootleg? I’m pretty sure you have to have reached a certain level of popularity to have anyone care enough to make bootleg copies of your album and not to burst your bubble but ... nope ... seriously, nope ...
Why don't you ask Jeff Kimpland because he finds them all the time.
I know what they go for on our label (F&A records) and if it's much more than that then either the Vendor is gouging prices for some retarded reason or they are indeed bootlegged

This is what they go for on the site
If he paid any more or it's missing the song "Searching" then it is probably a bootleg

Again in which there is nothing in can do about it other than feel that Matt paid way too much for this.

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