Still haven't pulled much old stuff off the shelf...

Date:2018-05-10 15:55:54
Edited:2018-05-10 15:59:28
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by killed_by_the_tech
... there's been way too much new music to occupy my time.

This week, I was listening to:

Graveyard - Peace

It takes a little while for Graveyard's music to sink in. I wouldn't quite say they're back to the masterpiece level they occupied, but I like this record a lot more than the one that led to them briefly breaking up. Not an album of the year type record, but a very good one.

Light The Torch - Revival

I haven't gotten tired of this one yet. Howard absolutely kills it on this record, and I don't know how Killswitch is going to come close when their new one is done.

Lords Of Black - Icons Of The New Days

Even though this is their best one, like always I find myself not thinking about it at all when it isn't playing. They're weird like that.

Doomsday Outlaw - Hard Times

Bluesy hard rock, which isn't usually my thing. This is pretty good, though, since they manage to have more melody than the typical blues. Not earth-shattering, but enjoyable.

Candlemass - House Of Doom [EP]

I'm beginning to hate Candlemass. Not only are they still putting out EPs, but there was mention of an album to come, after they promised they were retiring. I guess Avatarium isn't paying the bills? Anyway, Mats Leven is the least interesting vocalist Candlemass has ever had. The title track is good, everything else is disposable.

Also, I listened to the live videos of the new songs Ghost has been playing. So far, the new record sounds like it should be really good again, but none of the songs seem as great as "Cirice" or "He Is".
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