Re: Fixed

Date:2018-05-10 11:01:56
In Reply To:Fixed by BenMeeh
Just st because nothing else happens on this board these days of any value, let me ask you:

What does this whole “tough guy, you’re not in front of me” spiel really do for anyone?
What is it you’re trying to accomplish here?

Let’s say Chris gets upset with John on the board and calls him a penis. John then yells back “your moms vg stinks” and Chris then says “you wouldn’t say that to me if you were standing in front of me”.
Now, what would be different in person? Would Chris sling even better insults at John? Would John say “I’m sorry, your mom smells of roses”?
What’s the whole tough guy routine all about?

I know you’re just trying to behave like you think a troll should behave but at the end of the day, what WOULD really happen in this situation if fake Ben met other fake Ben?

Okay, I need coffee...
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