James LaBrie cancels PPUSA performance

Date:2018-04-30 21:31:06
Edited:2018-04-30 21:31:50

From his management:

As many of you are no doubt aware, James LaBrie of Dream Theater has been scheduled to perform at this year’s ProgPower Festival among many other incredible artists. While James and his band had been looking forward to this live appearance and performances of James’ solo material for many, many months, circumstances have forced the band to have to pull out of this year’s festival. The entire band regretfully makes this decision to officially cancel the appearance after several weeks of making every effort to try and maintain the scheduling as anticipated. Unfortunately in this case, James LaBrie’s responsibilities to Dream Theater and his bandmates are of the utmost importance, and this will be a critical period of writing in studio for the next Dream Theater record. James wishes to thank all of his fans who were looking forward to this appearance and supported this upcoming live solo band performance at ProgPower. The entire James LaBrie band is deeply apologetic to all those eagerly anticipating the show, and the band looks forward to making this historic live appearance happen in the future.

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