Re: Thursday sound off

Date:2018-04-13 16:58:35
In Reply To:Re: Thursday sound off by Ilya
Bruh, that Swans album....
Probably one of the most profound, transcendent musical experiences I’ve ever had. Can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like to hear it when it first came out.
I actually got it when it came out, but I wasn't ready for it. Just plain unprepared. Took me several years to digest it and fall in love with it.
Have you heard the new Drudkh yet?
I have not! Are they still playing in the older style?
Also, loving the podcast, man!!! So cool to hear someone with a strong musical background delve into the more nuanced, abstract aspects of some of my favorite music. Can’t wait for more!
Thanks so much, dude! Really, really appreciate that coming from you! Cheers, brother!


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