Re: Thursday sound off

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2018-04-13 12:55:49
In Reply To:Re: Thursday sound off by John Frank
I never got into Skinny Puppy back in the day. Not enough guitar. I listened to a bit of their 90s material for research for the compilations I am making with Jeanne. I ended up picking "Spasmolytic" off of Too Dark Park.

What is your evaluation of their discography?
I'm not personally too interested in their early discography, although there are cuts here and there that I enjoy. I'm talking here about the albums before Rabies. Rabies, which was produced by Al Jourgensen, is absolutely awful, and the worst thing they had done to that point. But then the next album was Too Dark Park, which is not only their best album, but the best industrial album ever made. Nearly flawless. They had added a third member, Dave Ogilve, around this time, and he clearly made a big difference. Their next album (Last Rites), while not as good as Too Dark Park, was still amazing. This was the first of their albums I heard, after I saw them live (which remains to this day the best concert I have ever seen.) While they were working on the follow-up to Last Rites, Ogilve died of a drug overdose, and the band broke up, although they did eventually complete and release the album they were working on, The Process. I think this is probably the album you're most likely to enjoy, as it's the heaviest and most guitar-forward thing they've done. It's a very good album, probably on par with Last Rites, although it never feels quite as spooky and fucked-up as that album.

After another decade or so, Cevin Key and Ogre got back together as Skinny Puppy (although they had worked together in other projects in the interim, I believe) and released The Greater Wrong of the Right. It was about as good as a Skinny Puppy comeback could be expected to be, and although it didn't quite hit the heights of the Ogilve albums, it was still very good. But nothing they've done since has really lived up to their legacy. The immediate follow-up sounded like a dull retread, and the album after that was a positive snoozer. Their latest album was a slight uptick, but only barely. They're still quite an amazing live band, though, and well worth seeing if they ever come around.

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