Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole

Date:2018-04-05 03:54:22
In Reply To:Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole by DaveG
Four really great albums came out in the last couple of weeks:

Lychgate - The Contagion in 9 Steps

This one is the best of the bunch. Amazing proggy, weirdo doom metal. Great atmosphere with lots of pianos and church organs, gives it a Devil Doll vibe at times. Awesome, frightening vocals both clean and growled, all very epic. The riffing is very weird and incredibly complex considering how slow the tempos usually are. Really a huge release that I'm going to enjoy delving into further.
Totally. Fascinating stuff. It’s very obtuse and difficult but every listen is pretty revelatory. Weird though, I’m not getting a Devil Doll vibe so much as a Mr. Bungle meets Esoteric with a dusting of latter day Dodheimagard kinda thing, which for my musical sensibilities sounds like pretty much the best thing ever. The multiple singer thing ends up working amazingly well here by the way.
Barren Earth - A Complex of Cages

I've always half-way liked these guys, but this is going to be their breakout album. They've finally put all of the pieces together. Basically, it's proggy death metal with keyboards way out front and leading the sound. Actually sounds a lot like Swano's Witherscape in terms of general style. Nice mix of classic Opeth, Amorphis, Swano and Ayreon sounds to me. Great all around.
I can’t quite get down with Barren Earth but their singer (whose main band Hamferd is some of the best, most sorrow-laden doom/death I’ve ever heard) is out of this world. I already thought dude’s vocal skills were insane. Then I saw him do it live...

Deydir Vardr
Checked out the new Primordial album too, but I still need more time with it, since I've haven't gotten around to giving it a serious spin because of the aforementioned albums. But on first listen it sounds more varied and a bit experimental by Primordial standards.
After the initial disappointment, I’m really liking it now. It’s *slightly* less unrelentingly dark and tragedy-laden than I typically prefer my Primordial, but I totally dig all the new stuff they try here (love the strong Killing Joke vibes in To Hell or the Hangman). Dude’s voice is a thing of beauty too, as always.....
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