Date:2018-04-04 17:39:42
In Reply To:Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole by DaveG
Four really great albums came out in the last couple of weeks:

Lychgate - The Contagion in 9 Steps

This one is the best of the bunch. Amazing proggy, weirdo doom metal. Great atmosphere with lots of pianos and church organs, gives it a Devil Doll vibe at times. Awesome, frightening vocals both clean and growled, all very epic. The riffing is very weird and incredibly complex considering how slow the tempos usually are. Really a huge release that I'm going to enjoy delving into further.

Yeah, I went through this one at work earlier this week. Really impressed with it. Your Devil Doll comparison, vocal approach aside, is pretty apt!
I need to explore their back catalog.
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