Decibel Fest

Date:2018-04-03 23:40:17
Edited:2018-04-04 02:49:15
Made the 8hr Drive down for the 2nd annual Metal and Beer fest and I would have to say I had a blast..The Fillmore is a wonderful venue for something like this with all the beer and merch vendors that were there you needed a vast place that easily could hold this event

Stage is massive and the sound was great for all the bands..Set changes for the most part were 15-20 mins between bands..ran really smooth

Stand outs for me were Horrendous,Incantation,Carcass,Evoken...
Carcass sounded really loud but tight and crispy..New guitarist is a natural fit..Like a younger BillSteer

Surprise band was Repulsion..They sounded really tight and they wrote some genre defining songs..Guitarist is a blast to watch as well..

Not a huge Mayhem fan but they sounded quite menacing..Singer is quite a trip with some ungodly vocals coming out of him...

Monster Magnet was very good as well...

I apologize to Matt and Von for not hooking up..Sat we got super Tankard to the point I was ready to pass out..

From Incanataion on I spent the whole night Upstairs..

This is what I picked up on Vinyl
Ghastly-Death Velour
SPirit Adrift-Curse of Conception
Phrenelith-Endcape-Crushing DethMetal from Denmark,,Surprise of the year
Spectral Voice-Eroding Corridors of Unbeing
Evoken-Embrace the Emptiness
Necrophobic 7 inch

I bought these shirts

Carcass,Imolation,Evoken,Spectral Voice,SUffocation,Hooded Meance
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