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Date:2018-04-02 18:26:18
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I have found CDs to be useless in that they offer nothing over a download or stream.
Except lossless sound. And liner notes/cover art. And a more durable format. And the ability to max the money you put in artists pockets. Nothing besides that though.

I have found many albums (newer releases) that are absolutely much better sounding on vinyl.
If you prefer the sound of vinyl that’s great. However that subjective judgment shouldn’t be confused with the objective facts, which show that CD/digital does a far more accurate job of reproducing the original musical signal. CDs reflect exactly what the artists recorded in the studio. Vinyl distorts it. Some listeners honestly feel that the defects vinyl introduces somehow make it more attractive or ‘warmer.’ But from any objective standpoint, there’s no justification in calling the sound of vinyl records ‘better.” There is nothing wrong with preferring vinyl to CDs, as long as the preference is honestly stated on emotional terms, or is precisely quantified and tied to subjective experience, and not obscured with fallacious technical appeals. LPs in particular have more inherent
noise and a poorer high frequency response, especially when playing the inner grooves. I’m convinced that some people prefer vinyl because the subtle distortion it adds sound pleasing to them…. But clearly this is an
effect, not higher fidelity. There is no technical proof of the sonic superiority of the vinyl medium compared to CD.

pops, skips, etc...this is all largely avoidable by a proper setup and media maintenance. I don't have this issue at all with new vinyl.
If you want to keep handling your music like a museum curator, that might last awhile. I could keep a horse and wagon going for a while too if I take care of it. A car is still better

vinyl just costs more
Just like 'hi res' files. Sucker is as sucker does.
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