Re: Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services

Author:Scott B
Date:2018-04-02 13:05:09
In Reply To:Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services by Rev. Wally Real
For physical media (which is entirely unnecessary)I prefer vinyl. I have found CDs to be useless in that they offer nothing over a download or stream. I don't need a CD for my car because I can stream or play off of a thumb drive. I try to buy as few CDsas possible and do so usually just as a support effort for a band. I prefer the overall experience of vinyl. I like the bigger artwork, colored vinyl, and in most cases, the sound. I have found many albums (newer releases) that are absolutely much better sounding on vinyl. As for pops, skips, etc...this is all largely avoidable by a proper setup and media maintenance. I don't have this issue at all with new vinyl. Stuff that I have that is 40 years old and spent decades being played on shit equipment, well, it is what it is.

I will buy a download but I will not pay the same price for a download as physical media. Sorry, but that's just stupid and not very good business since paid downloads are now circling the drain. I also have a subscription to Spotify (having been on board with that service since Beta testing)which overall saves me some coin by not buying everything that is just "ok".

Overall, I expect my total number of music purchases to be down this year, but my overall expenditure will probably be more as vinyl just costs more, and a lot of the cool stuff never makes it to the US through a distributor.
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