Re: Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services

Date:2018-03-31 17:25:53
In Reply To:Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services by Rev. Wally Real
I still buy CDs. Automatic physical backup, I can rip on my own terms, no DRM, and I get the album art and lyric booklet. Sometimes a bonus DVD too.

Non-DRM'd, non-compressed options like Onkyo Music are pretty tempting as a digital option, but I haven't taken the plunge with that approach to date. I'd need a lot more storage to do that right.

No interest at all in streaming services as part of my main library. I prefer to own the music and have my whole collection on my phone at all times so I'm not tied to an internet connection when I want to listen. I can also control the sound quality with local files. If I want to seek out new music I can always hit up YouTube to sample things, but when I'm sure I want something I'll buy the CD.

- Jer
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