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Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2018-03-30 18:39:25
In Reply To:Re: Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services by Nosferatwo
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Nosferatwo proclaimed:
Which do yo prefer and why?
It depends on the album. For things I'm going to listen to listen to only on rare occasion, I don't mind having digital copies of them. But if it's something I really love, then I want to have it on CD. Having a physical backup is always a good idea, there is a bit of collector's mindset to it, and albums that come with notes and lyrics are a nice way of getting a bit closer to the music.
I prefer all digital and the appeal of the social media aspect, that's why I love Youtube & I can read the comments & stats.

But not sure yet if I'm going to go Youtube Red..just to skip the commercials.

Soundcloud is my best bet for buying a subscription, so many great finds plus it's easy to stream on a crappy phone and get my 2018 version of the 80s boombox (a cheap $20 Bluetooth speaker tube with a strap to go walking down the street).

I don't know about Spotify tho. Never used it, nor not really curious about the huge library. If I can't skip tracks easily or fast forward to the juicy bits of a song, I'm not interested.

Bandcamp would be best for me to support the artist tho.

My thing is I want the best of of everything...the ease of streahing, the artwork, the lyrics, anecdotes, ability to cast to a flat screen for DJing, VJ with a visualizer like Electric Sheep...I haven't quite found the right technology for that tho, so I just improvise.
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