Re: Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services

Date:2018-03-30 15:36:16
In Reply To:Vinyl, CDs, Digital DLs, Streaming services by Rev. Wally Real
Which do yo prefer and why?
It depends on the album. For things I'm going to listen to listen to only on rare occasion, I don't mind having digital copies of them. But if it's something I really love, then I want to have it on CD. Having a physical backup is always a good idea, there is a bit of collector's mindset to it, and albums that come with notes and lyrics are a nice way of getting a bit closer to the music.

I don't understand the appeal of vinyl, though. I get that it has bigger artwork, but the actual medium has worse sound. It clicks, pops, hisses, and you can't put the entirety of a recorded sound on it without making serious compromises. I hate to say I agree with Eddie Trunk, but CDs are the best mix of convenience, permanence, and sound quality.
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