Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole

Author:Chris F5
Date:2018-03-30 13:51:45
In Reply To:Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole by BenMeh
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
The year is a quarter over already. That sure happened fast. But with that much time behind us, I can say that there's been a solid amount of stuff that I have liked so far. Yes, me, I actually have had a good time finding records this year. Who'da thunk?

The Fight For #1:

W.E.T. - Earthrage (Sure, you can call it soft and wussy

Why do you come here? Everything you like is the antithesis of what gets discussed here, and you regularly trash the stuff that is. Pointless
He does serve a purpose I think 75% of the time if he hates something that is discussed here it tends to be good,if hd hates the gutter tone the guitars sound awesome,if he loves the guitar sound the guitars generally sound like a flaccid penis..

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