Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole

Date:2018-03-30 13:37:09
In Reply To:2018: At The Quarter Pole by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
The year is a quarter over already. That sure happened fast. But with that much time behind us, I can say that there's been a solid amount of stuff that I have liked so far. Yes, me, I actually have had a good time finding records this year. Who'da thunk?

The Fight For #1:

W.E.T. - Earthrage (Sure, you can call it soft and wussy [compared to a lot of what we talk about[, but it's so damn good. Sugar overload, for sure.)

Light The Torch - Revival (Too early to judge staying power, but it's awesome. Super melodic stuff from Howard, who sounds amazing on this. Love it.)

Myja - Myja (An oddball. Grunge-fueled power pop that delivers the melodies. Probably too "small" an album to be #1 though.)

The Good Stuff:

Ammunition - Ammunition (More goodness from Erik Martensson, just not as good as W.E.T.)

Pale Waves - All The Things I Never Said (I call it 'Daria Pop'. I also know I'm the only one who will like it.)

Shiraz Lane - Carnival Nights (More great melodic rock. A younger band to keep an eye on.)

Neal Morse - Life & Times (A very soft, laid back album from Neal. I like it, but it's not essential.)

Barren Earth - A Complex Of Cages (Best death metal-ish album of the year for me... last couple years, actually. Amorphis has their work cut out for them.)

Stone Broken - Ain't Always Easy (Total radio rock, but done well. If Nickelback didn't suck.)

The Crap:

Machine Head - Catharsis (Mid-life crisis. That's all I need to say.)

Ministry - Amerikkkant (Is this even an album? I imagine this is what being high on meth must feel like. It's not pretty.)

Fall Out Boy - Mania (It sucks, but not as hard as I thought it would. Funny to think I used to like them.)
Why do you come here? Everything you like is the antithesis of what gets discussed here, and you regularly trash the stuff that is. Pointless
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