Re: 2018: At The Quarter Pole

Date:2018-03-30 13:08:04
In Reply To:2018: At The Quarter Pole by Nosferatwo
Definite winners so far:

Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology
Our favorite space-slug themed progressive death metal band has returned with another winner.

Drottnar - Monolith II
Drifting slightly away from the tech to a bit more spacey black metal, but still pretty great, but also still, why so short?


Hago - Hago
Djenty take on Panzerballett’s combo of jazz and metal. All instrumental, thankfully. Not bad.

Xenosis - Devour and Birth
Decent semi-complex death metal. A little djenty in the drums and breakdowns, maybe.

Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy
Sample track sounds very promising.

Unreal Overflows - Latent
Sounds like Death worship still. Needs more listens.

Hypnotheticall - Synchreality
I still keep hoping they’ll return to the brilliance of their demos, and they never do. I usually end up liking them well enough to buy a copy, but this one sounds pretty generic, so we’ll see.

Augury - Illusive Golden Age
More weirdo tech death from this Quebec supergroup.

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