Re: PMX2: Thorsday Soundoff

Author:John Frank
Date:2018-03-01 22:19:23
In Reply To:Re: PMX2: Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Darkseed - Spellcraft. While (unsuccessfully) trying to sell John Frank on Jester's Funeral, I mentioned this band, whom I like for reasons I can't quite articulate, and that inspired me to give this a spin. It was their first album on Nuclear Blast and the first one I heard, and even though the playing is sloppy and the female singer is atrocious, there's something I just really dig about this band. I did not try to sell John on Darkseed, though. I know my limitations.
I never asked anyone in my art class to prom.

"It's not exactly a horrible album, but it's no better than something by, I dunno, Pagan's Mind or some other shirt-tucking nerdprog band." - Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh
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