Date:2018-03-01 16:41:47
In Reply To:Re: by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
I wish they could get Bobby back - the drumming in RV is really not very interesting
Yeah, right...oh Rhino:)
Rhino is awesome. I saw him with Ross da Boss last year and he totally blew me away. He made all those shitty Scott Columbus beats better. That's something that Bobby Jarz doesn't actually do. When he plays some shitty drummer's old parts, he tends to just play what the shitty drummer played, albeit perfectly. Rhino played the beats close enough to the original parts that they didn't sound weird or out of place, but he played them with maximum pizzazz. Frank Gilchrist, meanwhile, just plays straight 16ths on the kick 100% of the time.

RHINO FOR RIOT 2018!!!Matt
YEAH, right? Scott who, hahaha? I saw him with Ross the Boss in Greece, and you're exactly right. One tom, one floor, one kick, three cymbals, and he played like 3 Scott Travises:) He made the show!
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