Date:2018-03-01 15:57:51
In Reply To:Re: Sanctuary footage without Warrel by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Stand-in guy can sing high an' all, but, what say you, does he suck or not?

After a careful examination, and with some reservation, I have to say, overall - gay. Fuck. I don't like this guy; sings high, but I ain't feeling the rage:) So far this tribute band is worse than Riot V to me. Bummer. I'm gonna see this with Iced Earth in a month...
For sure, his voice is short on character.
It's nill on character. It's like Kirk Cameron playing Sid Vicious in a movie
But Warrell's voice was utterly and completely devastated and listening to him destroy the old Sanctuary songs wasn't a great deal of fun, either.
And that's an understatement.

I like Riot V, especially live.
It was a fun show - we saw them together at Defenders:) They Were good live.
Their new songs are not as well written as the old Riot stuff, but the last one with Mark wasn't exactly an all-time classic, either.
Right again.
I wish they could get Bobby back - the drumming in RV is really not very interesting
Yeah, right...oh Rhino:)
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