Re: Sanctuary footage without Warrel

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2018-03-01 13:50:53
In Reply To:Sanctuary footage without Warrel by von
Stand-in guy can sing high an' all, but, what say you, does he suck or not?

After a careful examination, and with some reservation, I have to say, overall - gay. Fuck. I don't like this guy; sings high, but I ain't feeling the rage:) So far this tribute band is worse than Riot V to me. Bummer. I'm gonna see this with Iced Earth in a month...
For sure, his voice is short on character. But Warrell's voice was utterly and completely devastated and listening to him destroy the old Sanctuary songs wasn't a great deal of fun, either.

I like Riot V, especially live. They sound awesome. Their new songs are not as well written as the old Riot stuff, but the last one with Mark wasn't exactly an all-time classic, either. It's good, but most of the DeMeio albums are better. I'd say that the first Riot V is overall a slightly better album than Immortal Soul, but that new song they've released from the second RV album is kind of bad. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, though. I wish they could get Bobby back - the drumming in RV is really not very interesting.

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