Re: Sanctuary footage without Warrel

Date:2018-03-01 08:58:33
In Reply To:Sanctuary footage without Warrel by von

Stand-in guy can sing high an' all, but, what say you, does he suck or not?

After a careful examination, and with some reservation, I have to say, overall - gay. Fuck. I don't like this guy; sings high, but I ain't feeling the rage:) So far this tribute band is worse than Riot V to me. Bummer. I'm gonna see this with Iced Earth in a month...
He's a good singer and actually sings these songs better than Warrel was able to since the reunion.

Does his voice have even half the personality of WD's? Of course not, but he's an overall good stand-in who can sing the songs accurately and well enough to make for a good final tribute to Warrel.
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