To me from around mid 1992 till I got online (late 2000 when I lived in Myrtle Beach)were indeed the dark ages..

Author:Chris F5
Date:2018-02-28 05:44:14
In Reply To:Evidence that the mid-90s sucked for me: In list form by John Frank
Not a coincidence that it also mirrored the worst decade of my life living on the shithole known as Long Island,where I was dangerously close to doing what many do when they give up,accept my fate and just figure out how to exist in my environment...but I digress..

As far as music goes...because I despised most grunge and drug addict influence music..this is where I started to discover more extreme forms of metal,Fear Factory,Prong and Pantera basically carried me through this period,with the occasional Dream Theater,Marillion,Fates Warning and a few things I would stumble on by accident (Kamelot,Enchant,the 2nd and 3rd disks by Lethal,ect)
This is also where electronic music became a huge part of my life,first with industrial,then the underground trance scene...

Really wasn't until I went to Powermad in 2000 till I rediscovered prog and realized there was a huge scene underground of music I loved...

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