Date:2018-02-27 12:52:49
In Reply To:Re: Anvil by Kevin Madden
Kevin Madden proclaimed:
I went to youtube and checked out their show from Wacken a few years back and...not good, man. I think this is one of those bands you had to be in on back in the day to appreciate.
Yeah, it ain't what it used to be:) They're also way better on a smaller stage - I saw at modest clubs with barely 30 people, as well as opening for AC/DC at Giant Stadium, and the club shows were infinitely better. They still played classic tunes like 666, Mothra, Blood on the Ice, Forged in Fire, Metal on Metal, but after a while they got kinda sad to watch (and listening to Lipps always bitch and complain about having no respect, Dangerfield-style, became hella annoying). Robb's drums are still good, but...yeah... On the other hand, if you wanna see a guy whacking his guitar off with a vibrator to the strings for no good reason, they may be your band.
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