Date:2018-02-21 18:29:03
In Reply To:Michael Schenker live by Mark
Mark proclaimed:
I have a ticket to see Michael Schenker Fest (who else would name their band "Fest"?!) play here in about three weeks. I have never seen him live before in any incarnation. I certainly know that for years, his live reputation has been up and down, with his bad nights becoming somewhat legendary, at least online.

I'd like to ask for a simple rundown from those here who has seen him live, in any version of his band, and how many of those you considered to be good shows vs. meltdowns. Thanks
If you have a ticket and have never seen him before, what's the question:)? Duh, of course you should go. I got my ticket the day it went on sale: if anything, Bonnett with Schenker, yes, thank you - are you kidding:)?

I only saw him three times - once with UFO at Walk on Water re-union, once with MSG and Barden singing, and once with White and Temple of Rock.

He was great each time. Never seen him fail or play visibly wasted, but I'd still take a wasted Schenker over sober most.
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