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Date:2018-02-11 23:24:54
Edited:2018-02-11 23:27:55
In Reply To:Re-visiting Savatage ... by Uziel
Uziel proclaimed:
Savatage would be one of those bands shrouded in ghostly tragedy and brilliance. The genius of the O'Neill/Oliva marriage is one that is not fully appreciated this side of the Atlantic (I mean amongst native English speakers).
Huh? I'm guessing the non-native English speakers on this side of the Atlantic must all love Savatage, then...

As a side note, why did the death of O'Neill pass with barely a whimper and the death of Criss was so overwhelming twenty years earlier even though one was effectively nothing without the other?
Maybe because Savatage were already killer before O'Neill. Maybe because Criss, a talented original and an inspiration to many, got senselessly and suddenly cut still in his prime, and Paul, who died from cancer pretty late in his profitable career, many of us would have garrotted way back after "Escape to Nowhere", "Edge of Thorns," or at least TSO.

Ghostly tragedy indeed.

Duane Allman and Berry Oakley dying a year apart two blocks across in almost same way was a ghostly tragedy. Savatage had one poor guy tragically (indeed) getting killed by a drink driver, and another one dying decades later from cancer. Two deaths decades apart. No ghosts. No tragic doom hanging over the band. You're too dramatic.

I have tried to put together a set of songs which, for me, represent this band. Here it is:
Dungeons are Calling
By the Grace of the Witch
City Beneath the Surface
Scream Murder
Beyond the Doors of the Dark
24 Hrs. Ago
She's in Love
The Unholy
When the Crowds are Gone
I agree with this, for sure.
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