Re: Re-visiting Savatage ...

Author:David D.
Date:2018-02-11 20:25:44
In Reply To:Re-visiting Savatage ... by Uziel
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They are soooooo under rated

Believe is the most spiritual song ever written - period. I quoted the chorus at my sons bar mitzvah - as I sung it to him as a lullaby for his first 3 years.... as well as for my other two sons

Chance is musical perfection - and the subject matter of helping jews to escape the halocaust makes it unbelievably emotional and relevant.

All of their rock operas are brilliant - wake of magellen filled with symbolism.

They are the shakespeare or davinci's of metal in my opinion.

can you tell I like them.
Still remember the first time I heard gutter ballet on the radio - I knew they were special even with jon's vocals. Addind zak put them over the top.

Hopefully you also have the Circle II Circle catalogue.

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