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Date:2018-02-11 17:41:53
In Reply To:Re: by Rob.K
Rob.K proclaimed:

Whiplash with Insult to Injury. It was branded as a catastrophe.

I luved ITI..why are the hate.Nice for a band to progress into some catchy accessible thrash....
I didn't hate it either, but do you remember the reception it got? Glenn Hansen didn't go over well, the more streamline direction didn't win a new fan base and lost a big chunk of the old one, album was panned, sales didn't meet the expectations, and the band went bust. You didn't hate it, I didn't mind too much:), but overall, their plan didn't work at all, and in both Whiplash and Onslaught case, artistry and aesthetic aside, the move towards accessibility ended up a catastrophe for their careers - ended the band. Same year too...

Saw Exhorder twice this weekend - very good. They played Slaughter (+ Into the Void cover) the first night, and mostly Slaughter (only 4 songs off The Law, one again being Into The Void) The returned Demolition Hammer, who also attended the shows, is 2X better, though:) The place was packed to the gills, manic crowd, very heated, good shit.
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