Re: why so much bitching with Nos? ....

Date:2018-02-10 22:01:32
In Reply To:why so much bitching with Nos? .... by Uziel
... the guy thinks alot of metal music is tripe. I agree with him alot of the time. At least I know now if HE likes it, it is bound to be special.
If you had any sense at all, he'd be the guy you pay the least attention to. No one is a less worthy critic of a genre than a guy who is not a fan of said genre. What's next? F5 will be your go to guy for country recommends, and John Frank for, well, anything that isn't metal? Of course not. He doesn't know anything about it.

I pay
attention to what he says, because it is worth paying attention to.
It's the exact opposite of that. The guy is a troll. He's 24-7 on a board that has it's roots in progressive and metal, touting the greatness of Adele, and purposely dumping on 95% of what turns people on here. That is textbook troll behavior.
Just thought I would pipe up. Its not like he is threatening to off your grandmother or drown your kittens.
No. Just annoying everyone. You guys are kindred souls
This is not directed at you specifically ... just these nasty snide comments. No need for it.
And no need to deride it either. If you and Nosfertwatoo can be obtuse, he can be snide. Don't like it? Hit the road, loser.
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