I'm not vetted on the source for commentary

Author:Genghis Grim
Date:2018-02-10 15:47:55
In Reply To:Doom Metal .... origins and transformations ... by Uziel
I've listened to Paradise Lost before, some earlier Katatonia, Bolt Thrower, Reverend Bizzare. Probably more of a traditionalist to this like Sabbath or Trouble. I've gone through stages of listening to Russian Circles, Pelican and probably would call Chelsea Wolfe post-doom. I'm not sure that reinforces a male stratagem.

anonymous social network genius proclaimed:
Hulk got baptized by dem hands, that's all. All that psychological babble Marvel putting AFTER the fact, is just PR cover up. He found out in the first 10 minutes of the movie, what the rest of them did at the end. Give up them stones the easy way, or the hard way. Thanos baby.
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