Doom Metal .... origins and transformations ...

Date:2018-02-10 19:41:27
Edited:2018-02-10 19:42:44
Doom Metal. Another oft talked about genre. I grew up with an offshoot of doom metal, namely My Dying Bride, who introduced the decadent, quasi-romantic melconcholia under those mammoth chords.

In later years I have searched for that male dominated approach to romanticism and its place within doom. I say "male" as I feel the female is the invader when it comes to the music of Draconian for example ... where it becomes the overwhelming whinging bleat over what I consider, for all intents and purposes, a male "happening".

Saturnus have achieved this male melancholic bonding session as have Doom:VS (his Draconian chickless outlet) and a few others who are ... really depressed romantics.

So I think as in black metal which now has a "post black metal" tag attached, so I now think we have post doom. I believe My Dying Bride are almost certainly responsible for this steering ... whether Aaron Stainthorpe knows it or not.
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