Date:2018-02-10 18:50:27
In Reply To:Re: Because it entertains me. by Uziel
Uziel proclaimed:
just these nasty snide comments. No need for it.

Uziel proclaimed:
I do find this board to be elitist and snobbish.
Uziel proclaimed:
Any other metal forums which have regular activity? Interesting, intelligent, well informed and open-minded forums that anyone knows about?.

This one is in a coma.
Uziel proclaimed:
.. show some fucking interest in this site on a regular basis. What is wrong with you all? Without this, where else do we go? pmx2 is full of shit for the most part. Here we DISCUSS music... BUT ... you all don't bother your asses most of the time.

Just close this fucking forum. Sick of trying to interact with you all by posting interesting leads and new albums

- Jer
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