Date:2018-02-10 17:32:19
In Reply To:Onslaught - In Search Of Sanity by graham
graham proclaimed:
I dug this out today, it must be 10 years at least, maybe 15 since I last heard this.
What a pleasant surprise this is, killer album that doesn't sound dated at all.
The production stands up, great dynamic range and of course great songs.
They even manage to cover Let There Be Rock with the spirit of the original and make it their own.
It generated a tremendous amount of hype just prior to its release in British rock press. They had very high expectation of Grimmett in the Onslaught context. The move towards less thrash and more straight-forward, "accessible" metal was actually made two years prior, with Let There Be Rock, which they originally did as an EP still with Keeler, but the band and management decided they couldn't make any serious uphill moves with Sy, and Grimmett was brought in. The UK press saw them as a new Great White Hope for British thrash, to cross over into a mainstream, cause now Onslaught, a pretty raw thrash band, had an actual melodic Singer, not just a thrash Vocalist, and the band was now on a major label - London. When the album did come out, it suffered a tremendous backlash, worse than Whiplash with Insult to Injury. It was branded as a catastrophe. I didn't think it was all that terrible: many rawer, thrashier bands were going more straight, "melodic" Metal by then, Artillery, for example, or even Metal Church, and it worked fine for them. Anyway, the Let There Be Rock covers are all certainly pure crap, seriously, but I still don't think the album with Grimmett was as awful as it was painted out to be; yeah, OK, not stellar, but there are some worthwhile moments on Blood Upon the Ice, Lightning War, or Shellshock to name a few.
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