Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff + Space Ace/The Skull

Date:2018-02-08 15:56:48
Edited:2018-02-08 17:10:33
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Loudblast

Faith No More – The Real Thing
Trouble – s/t 1990
Dissection – The Somberlain
The Who – Live at Leeds (expanded)

Saw Ace Frehley twice, and The Skull doing the "Trouble"90 album.

Friday saw Ace at legendary St. George Theatre in Staten Island. Legendary because it was the spot for the original Headbangers Ball - Jonny Z/Megaforce showcase of Riot, Raven, and Anvil on Halloween night 82, so it's a hallowed site:) It was supposed to be Appice brothers opening, but Carmine cancelled due to "medical emergency", and Vinnie's solo band played instead. It was mostly Dio covers, a couple of truly Devil Childe cheese-worthy "Sinister" cuts, and a Ozzy Sabbath medley (and except for "Heaven and Hell" riff, not even Dio Sabbath!), done terribly wrong. The singer, a crude caricature of aging out-of-shape rock-n-roll buffoon, was like short fat Blackie Lawless doing Dio songs, and a result was more painful than Udo/Raven version of "Born To Be Wild." Ace was pretty good, but his set was a bit too many songs short of what I saw him do last -

- no Rocket Ride, no Sister...I'd even Talk to Me. Instead he played Paul songs again - Love Gun, Detroit Rock City (last time he also played "Love Her All I Can", which would be my choice any minute. Again, the drummer sang Paul Stanley songs much better than Paul Stanley had for over a decade... Set ended with Deuce. Smoking guitar, blablabla...Still, it was worth it for Hard Times, Parasite and Strange Ways, which were for me, both the best songs of the set and the best leads he played of the show. The song he should be playing, and, like, every time? "Rock Bottom."

Next night was the same exact thing, minus the Appice opener, and one big difference - everyone at the St. Island show sat: everyone at the Jersey show stood.\,,/ Right on. I had to leave the Ace set a bit early and drove to Brooklyn to catch The Skull (had to sacrifice "Cold Gin" and after this time, but, since I just saw him, I wasn't taking chances on arriving late - as it turned out, I probably could've taken longer:). The Skull played the whole Trouble 1990 s/t, four own songs, and ended with "The Tempter" and "Assassin." It was a hangout atmosphere in a small club, and, per tradition, it was my solemn duty of good doom hospitality manners to provide an always much needed herbal reinforcement for Eric and Sean, which always adds to the proceedings;) For me it was especially great to hear Eric sing RIP, Black Shades of Doom, Wolf, The End, and Heaven on My Mind. An "old school set" may be in the future;)...?
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