Re: Some more APC.

Date:2018-02-07 17:40:25
In Reply To:Re: Some more APC. by BenMech
I dig it.

I just read Maynard's book. Horrible.
Please explain further.
The writing style was very flowery and tough to get past (note that he didn't actually write the's told in third-person). But mostly there was just no depth and it was all rah-rah-Maynard-is-a-genius-at-everything kind of stuff (and I say this as a big Maynard admirer). The only part of the book that was remotely interesting was some of the discussion of when he moved to LA (and roomed w/ Tom Morello) and the general lead-up to and formation of Tool. But even that is all told in a glossed-over, irritating fashion (and more than half-way into the book). It was just disappointing and hard to get through.
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