Re: 3 gigs to start the year

Date:2018-02-06 11:58:53
In Reply To:Re: 3 gigs to start the year by dan
I didn't know Gloryhammer toured - I just thought they were a project joke/spoof band, so I figured they'd only do festivals. Based on their videos, a live gig should be fun. Gives people another opportunity to break out their plastic swords and halberds (and ray guns).
This was my fourth time seeing GloryHammer. They've toured very quickly from when they were formed. First gig was like to 100-150 diehards but next time they'll go 1000+ venues.

Never heard of Dr. Living Dead 'til now - checked out some of their videos and they're pretty cool. Nice mix of old Nuclear Assault/Anthrax and they seem to keep their songs short, which is a good idea.
Just a fun night.

Also never heard of Raveneye - checked out a few tracks on YouTube, they remind me of Soundgarden, especially because of the way the singer phrases things. They're okay, but not my bag.
Now that you say it they are a bit Soundgardeny. I just enjoy some of their short sharp tunes. Not a huge fan or anything. Next album will make or breake'm. At the moment they're only heading upwards.

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