Re: 3 gigs to start the year

Date:2018-02-05 19:04:49
In Reply To:3 gigs to start the year by Pirage
I didn't know Gloryhammer toured - I just thought they were a project joke/spoof band, so I figured they'd only do festivals. Based on their videos, a live gig should be fun. Gives people another opportunity to break out their plastic swords and halberds (and ray guns).

Never heard of Dr. Living Dead 'til now - checked out some of their videos and they're pretty cool. Nice mix of old Nuclear Assault/Anthrax and they seem to keep their songs short, which is a good idea.

Also never heard of Raveneye - checked out a few tracks on YouTube, they remind me of Soundgarden, especially because of the way the singer phrases things. They're okay, but not my bag.
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