Atomic Opera - For Madmen Only ...

Date:2018-02-04 01:10:37
Edited:2018-02-04 01:12:47
.. for those interested, this 1994 classic has been given a 2017 re-mastering which gives the sound a well needed boosting. This Texan band sound very similar to Kings X "Dogman". (They were both released the same year). Plus they shared a manager or producer at the time. So two Texan bands, two similar groovy, grungey albums released in the same year. This album is "Dogmans" long lost twin really. Frank Hart of Atomic Opera went on to release a couple more albums under this name but they never had the same impact and are pretty impossible to find anyway, so they may not be up to much. "For Madmen Only" though is a bonafide classic. Just listen to the opening riff of "Joyride" and that will be enough for you to get a hold of this pronto.
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