Thanks! ... and a few more ....

Date:2018-01-29 12:28:21
Edited:2018-01-29 13:46:22
In Reply To:Re: Another nostagia release ... by The Surfing Alien
Good tips. Thanks!

Speaking of theatrical rock, there is a band called "Incura". From Canada I think, although I may be wrong there. They have two albums out. The last one was released last year. They have alot of Queen-ism's going on vocally especially.

Also, of course, there is the mighty Saigon Kick, who had the whole theatrical thing going througout all their albums. Probably one of the most versatile bands I have ever heard in terms of cross-over of styles. My favourite of theirs is "Water". Dates from 1993 or so I think..

Finally, I also enjoy Teodor Tuff and their album "Soliloquy" from 2012. Very quirky stuff. Features the current Pyramaze singer I believe.
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