"DarkWave" .. (yeah I know, not really the thing here but ....

Date:2018-01-27 13:46:35
Edited:2018-01-27 16:00:56
... bear with me)

I have been a metal fan for 35 years so I know what music appeals to metal heads which are outside the genre (Depeche Mode and The Sisters Of Mercy spring to mind immediately).

There are 4 bands which technically I would call "DarkWave" according to the categorisations I have read (btw, this scene is HUGE around the world). The main ingredients for this particular sub-genre of electronica or synth tends to revolve around melancholic lyrics and mood, slow to mid-tempo beats beneath a wall of synthesisers, electronica, industrial effects and melodies. Vocals range from light clean to deep baritone to a kind of raspy vocal. Melodies are usually highly infectious and often times can really hit an emotional chord (a) or make you want to dance to it! (b)

The "DarkWave" bands I rate highly are:

1) DIARY OF DREAMS (anything on "Hell in Eden" or "Elegies in Darkness"

2) PROJECT PITCHFORK (new one "Akkretion" or else "Quantum Mechanics")

3) PRIEST (debut album "New Flesh". Guy is an ex. Ghost member apparently.)

4) COVENANT (been around for years. Hightlights for me are "The Blinding Dark", "Northern Light", "Modern Ruin".)

Of course, these are not the only bands I listen to regularly and really enjoy. All loosely lumped into together as synthwave, darkwave, synthpop eurogoth, gothrock, cybergoth, electronica, industrial etc. etc. The main ones would be "Klayton's" projects (Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Blue Stahli, Scandroid etc.), also BlutEngel, Mono Inc., Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Dance With The Dead and loads more.

Thoughts etc. always welcome. Even in a general sense (i.e. other genres of music metal heads tend to listen to etc.)
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