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Date:2018-01-26 01:34:23
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teonzo proclaimed:

when I infamously (around here, that is:) had to take out a belligerent headbutting midget, hahaha.
Now you need to write the story.
I mean, there was a drunken super-aggressive midget (or a dwarf maybe) headbutting everyone in their backs and cursing in Spanish, and there was no reasoning with him. So, after several failed attempts to calm his ass down, he was getting more and more agitated, and as he kept on headbutting me and people around in the back, I just thought of Looney Tunes, when they hit someone over the head with a mallet, and just hammered him right over the head. He kinda went cross-eyed and got carried out towards the right by the current. The way it all unfolded was pretty hilarious. A good friend of mine who was there still greets me exclusively with the hammerdrop gesture:)
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