Date:2018-01-25 22:34:16
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Emperor - IX Equillibrium. My fave Emperor. I don't care what the churchburners say.
Emperor was done after In the Nightside Eclipse:)

Sodom - Tapping the Vein. I don't know why I went to this one, when I heard about the new 4-piece Sodom lineup, although it could be that this was the first Sodom album that felt like some different band from the one I first fell in love with. In retrospect, Better Off Dead is not quite as natural a follow-up to Agent Orange as it seemed at the time, but there was no denying that the Sodom of Tapping the Vein was effectively a different band. I love the album, though, even if mainly for nostalgic reasons. "Reincarnation" is a killer tune that's quite unlike most of the other songs in their catalog.
There's denying:)I didn't feel it was that much of a different band from the older Sodom. I thought it was great, heavy, I loved the death metal overtones, and I thought it was much heavier than Better off Dead. One Step Over the Line, Wachturm, Body Parts, sick...It may have been the hardest Witchunter had pushed themselves, but in retrospect, Atomic Steif's playing on Get What You Deserve showed just how beyond his abilities Chris would have to play to pull his weight. I though Andy Brings sounded heavy as hell on this one, wish he had this sound on the follow-ups.
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