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Date:2018-01-25 20:52:07
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Mark proclaimed:
In strictly live performance terms, I understand that at least in the past Destruction were the one pointed to as the best to see live. I've only seen them once whereas I've seen Kreator twice so far with a third one coming up in about a month. Both of them certainly are at very high standard live, with Kreator being the obviously more popular one, playing bigger venues to more people and having a fancier light show.

Destruction I saw play in a pretty small local club. It was on the tour that D666 canceled and were replaced by Heathen (people here were pissed, although Heathen kicked ass). They were awesome in the underground-band-at-grimey-club sort of way. I remember some locals adamantly stood way in the back apparently because of Schmier smelling bad (by reputation I suppose?) even though they were pretty big fans and I could hear them belting out all the words to the songs. At one point there was a problem with a guitar amp and Schmier went on a pissed-off rant at the club and the fans getting ripped off. Anyway, they kicked as much ass as Kreator in a different setting.
I was a big fan of Sentence of Death up until Cracked Brain, I got aboard somewhere around Release from Agony period. Apparently, I saw them three times: at the Gramercy in 2017; and twice at L'Amour - in 2002 (with Kreator) and in 2000, when I infamously (around here, that is:) had to take out a belligerent headbutting midget, hahaha. They're pretty good, fine thrash band, and it's fun to hear many of the tracks, but the majority of times I saw Kreator have been better for me. So was D666 the times I've seen them, to be fair. So is The Chasm, incidentally.
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