Jean Beauvoir / Crown Of Thorns ... and general thoughts on AOR/hard rock ..

Date:2018-01-11 16:10:03
Talking point

Have been re-visiting Crown Of Thorns and their back catalogue. There really is a hell of alot of good stuff here. When it comes to excellent AOR / hard rock there really are very few out there who can match them. I include the Beauvoir / Free album in this.

The reason I mention this is that I made a mention of US power metal being sorely lacking when it comes to Euro power metal BUT when it comes to melodic hard rock / AOR I think the Americans have always beat the Europeans into the ground. Scandi AOR is nothing compared to this type of stuff. This is the type of music that grabs you on an emotional level and won't let go. The American greats in this genre (Journey, Foreigner, Boston etc.) also managed to really pin this sound down.

I really think AOR and hard rock is an American phenomenon and power metal is a European one ... why is this?
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