Nos' Love & Hate: January (so far)

Date:2018-01-10 21:21:15
Edited:2018-01-10 21:21:31
Let's take a look at some of the albums I've heard so far this year.


Ammunition - Ammunition

Erik Martensson strikes again. I don't know why he needs so many bands, but this one is good too. They do tend to start sounding the same, but I like this about as much as the last Eclipse record. The singer sounds like Ronnie Atkins here, Klaus Meine there. Cool album.

Thundermother - Thundermother

These ladies are doing AC/DC better than they are these days. Their guitar tone sounds so much like them, and it's good meat-and-potatoes rock and roll. The new lineup kicks ass, as the whole record was cut live in the studio. Sadly, the video they put out is probably my least favorite song, so it's not a good example.


Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity

I don't hate it, and it's not bad, but it is rather disappointing. The songs are lacking the usual Magnum spark. The best one features Tobias Sammet, which is no coincidence. The rest is very long, and kind of boring.

Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits

Zakk with an acoustic versus Zakk with an electric is like two different people. I've never liked electric Zakk, and I don't like him here either. It's him trying to be Sabbath, and sounding like crap because his voice is too weak to sing over heavy music. Pass.

Machine Head - Catharsis

This is the soundtrack to a mid-life crisis. A truly wretched album, I fear for Robb Flynn's mental state listening to this. It's just so bad on so many levels. A lot of the lyrics made me laugh, and cringe, that they came from a fifty year old. The music isn't good either, so it's an easy front-runner to be the biggest pile of trash of the year.
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