Re: So what's the verdict on the new SUMMONING album

Date:2018-01-09 20:54:33
In Reply To:So what's the verdict on the new SUMMONING album by BenMech
Still absorbing it all, but so far so good. It seems to be more stripped down and minimalist composition-wise, coupled with the most dense and chaotic production they’ve ever had. This combo works for me - the murky, messy aural presentation totally gels with the vibe of the songs and creates an atmosphere of immensity and, at the same time, sort of a somber intimacy...

I will say that while I greatly enjoy 2000s Summoning, nothing can touch the otherworldly magic of the Dol Guldur - Stronghold era. The rougher edges here might hearken back slightly to their older days, but the album is very much in line with Oath Bound and Old Mornings Dawn, with very few surprises. Even when Summoning is kinda going through the motions, it still results in some mesmerizing music, and that seems to be very much the case here.
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