Re: 2017 Top 25

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2018-01-06 20:02:47
In Reply To:2017 Top 25 by Mark P.
1. The Sole Pursuit / Flower City After Dusk
Wow, this is really great! I don't think I ever heard an alterna/indie rock with a sound this intense. How are they not more popular? The video for this album only has a couple of hundred views. Is this their best album? Not getting the same feels from quick listening to previous albums on bandcamp. Looks like I just missed them on tour locally :/ oh well, next time.
4. Big Wreck / Grace Street
I like it better than previous album but not as much as Albatross. Looks like this softer direction is it for them.
5. Danko Jones / Wild Cat
Wow, random youtube song from this sounds like Phil Lynott! Is this their normal sound?
12. Greta Van Sleet / Black Smoke Rising EP + From The Fires
This band is blowing up in the mainstream , isn't it? I couldn't get tickets for their gigs. Maybe, there's still time to rock in America.
15. Horisont/ About Time
Saw these guys live a couple of times. Interesting 70s sound.
18. Disco Ensemble / Afterlife
Another new one for me. Great rocking sound with pop elements!
19. Voyager / Ghost Mile
Non stop bag of hooks with these guys. I like the sharp djenty riffs.
22. Steven Wilson / To The Bone
I like the Blackfield sounding songs like Pariah. Everything else is kind of boring to me though, like much else of his solo stuff. I am just not getting it I guess.
23. The Night Flight Orchestra / Amber Galactic
I thought it was good but not amazing. Something about vocals here is not quite working. Songs could be better too I think .
25. Leprous / Malina
Some good stuff here. Overall better than last album .
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