Re: New Priest

Date:2018-01-05 21:31:00
In Reply To:Re: New Priest by Nosferatwo
Hmmm. sounds good but a touch underwhelming in the chorus.
As I was listening, I didn't even realize the chorus had started at first. Why don't more metal bands use backing vocals? They almost always make things sound bigger than a singer by him/herself.
Well most power metal bands do but trad metal bands like Priest let the main man handle it all in the main. It wasn't supposed to sound big in the old days. THat's a new thing that started with 90s power metal bands like Rhapsody and Hammerfall etc. Plus the other guys in priest are probably useless singers best they keep their gobs shut! :-)

The song itself is ok, but boring. I'm not really interested in hearing more Priest at this point.
To be fair you're not much interested in anything these are ya now Mr Nos. The song gets better the second and third time but I still need a chorus with a bigger wow factor. However musically it's a fun little track and at least sounds like it was made in this day and age.

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