Re: Metal album review sites

Author:John Frank
Date:2018-01-04 04:00:13
In Reply To:Re: Metal album review sites by Mark
A few years back I was reading Worm Gear and From the Dust Returned (autothrall). Autothrall's reviews are crossposted to Metal Archives.
Oh yeah, From the Dust Returned. I should add them to the list. No Facebook page though, so I won't get reminders that the page exists. Not familiar with Worm Gear.
The blog I've read the most of is Invisible Oranges, mostly arbitrarily - I remember when it launched and it has a catchy name, so the URL springs easily to mind.
Yeah, the name is great. I check the site out, but it rarely offers much of value to me. Not much overlap in our tastes, I guess.
From 2013 to 2017 I wrote album reviews for, although I'm not sure if I'll keep up with it.
That's cool. I wrote reviews for a short period of time, but I found it to be kind of a grind. Not a huge doom fan, obviously, but it can be fun. Do you dig Old Night - Pale Cold Irrelevance? Seems quite good.
More recently, most of what I read is concert reviews/recaps than album reviews, as I am still more likely to buy a show ticket than an album.
Heh, the only concert recaps I read are those posted here, and I skim a lot of those.

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